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Our Mission

Ru-PAC is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental organization dedicated to developing and strengthening the relationship between the United States and Russia through education, dialogue, and policy recommendations that promote the interests and security of both countries.


We believe that education is fundamental to reaching mutual understanding. Our goal is to educate the public on the Russian perspective through media outreach and university-based initiatives.


We believe that dialogue is vital to both collaboration and security. Our goal is to provide platforms for dialogue between politicians, thought leaders, and academics from both the United States and Russia.

Policy Recommendations

We provide fact-based policy recommendations that focus on the shared values and security interests of the United States and Russia.


A few of the issues that we're advocating for and bringing attention to:


Recognizing Democracy


Relief of Sanctions on Crimea


Partnering for Peace

Arms Control

Global Security


Building Bridges for Business


Mutual Security


Find the latest news, insights, and analysis of the critical issues affecting the U.S-Russia relationship.

  • Americans are generally consistent at maintaining their values when given both sides of a story, but that starts with having both sides of the story. Could it be that in a country where we question everything, our gatekeepers in the media have failed to question and engage with Russian voices? Missing from this crucial national dialogue about Russia are Russians, and there lies the deficiency in our national diet that impedes us from matching our values with our actions.

  • For those who value democracy and care about its message, for those who value policy based on principles and reality — there is a remedy and it starts with consistency. It starts with embracing democracy in any and all cases, including Crimea. That means officially recognizing the Crimean Referendum and lifting the devastating sanctions that punish ordinary people in Crimea for the crime of exercising democracy.

  • Although American media has done a great job creating this narrative that Russia is the ultimate mover and shaker, that no other country is more influential in American politics than Russia’s alliance of hackers and trolls--the truth is that Russia’s influence in the United States is a myth. And this false narrative is precisely why a pro-Russia lobby is needed in the United States-- to inform, to set the record straight, and bridge the gaps between us.

  • As the war winds down in Syria, this presents an opportunity for Russia and the United States to partner up as leaders on the world stage and make meaningful strides towards lasting peace and stability. The two countries have a number of shared interests that could and should bring them together. Here's what that collaboration might look like:

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